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This is what I cut and paste from our e-mails
received after a sale
1.        We just wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful puppy.  Yes, he is very spoiled and special.  My
holiday season. Thank you so much  Gary and Diana Baker Owner
husband just got his prosthesis yesterday.  So, he will be soon living a more normal life. Have a wonderful
holiday season. Thank you so much  Gary and Diana Baker Owner

2.        Hi Penny, I put his pictures on, forum. Have you been on there? Right away many
compliments came back to me on him saying he is such a handsome boy. They have a forum on there where
you can talk to other Chow owners throughout the world as well as the U.S. You can be very proud in your
breeding of your Chow Chows, everyone is complimenting on it.  Gene and Carol Bower Owner of Max

3.        Thanks so much for naku he is so fun hes brought alot of happienes into my daughters life   Owner Pam

4.     Yes, they are my pride and joy.  They are our kids.  We just love them so much.  Just like having kids
here.Thank you for such beautiful dogs.  Have a great night.  Gary and Diana Baker

06.        Hi hope you are all doing well we are great, wanted to show off my big hansome boy!!!
He is great, plays with all the dogs at the dog park, loves people, very loveable, very proud of him. I really like the
pictures in the snow.  Beth

07.      Thank you so much for the best puppy ever! I haven't been able to check in for a while because all I do in
my very little free time is stare at her and play with her and walk her.....I knew I was going to be crazy about her,
but its a bit over the top!  She is a beauty and I can't imagine life without her. I saw that you have 4 more little
cuties now, they are so adorable, I'm trying to be good and not look at the pic's of the puppies too often cause I
may end up back on the list if I do and I have my hands full with Jeannie!
We are soooo happy with our little doll! Thanks again and keep up the good work, you have beautiful dogs and
they make the best puppies!     Talk to you soon,    Kelly and Family

08.      China Bear, known as Bear, is a little over two and a half years old. I originally bought him for my dad who
passed in Oct 2010.  Bear is not only my "baby", he's also my life. People who see him just ooh and ah over
him, he's Mr. Personality. He does have a fantastic personality, smart as can be, likes to play "peek-a-boo", and
I couldn't do without him.  Thanks to you two and your wonderful Chow Chows for bringing him into this world.  
He is my joy.  Joann Holt
Peaches pup Kia and owner
Carol Martinez at 2 months
and 4 months
  China Bear
a Very Proud Pup!